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About Us

Noeline’s Salon is one of Sri Lanka’s most premium luxury beauty care providers and is the brainchild of Noeline Pereira, a person who is passionate about bringing international quality beauty care to Sri Lanka and has successfully delivered the ultimate in beauty care by introducing Sri Lankans to the “one-stop specialty salon” concept.

 Noeline’s Salon is centrally located at Stratford Avenue in Kirulapone, widely known as probably the most distinctive street in Sri Lanka simply due to its abundance of arts, crafts, and high fashion. The street's impressive collection of lifestyle stores, galleries, boutiques and cafes attract a select crowd from around the city of Colombo who enjoys the finer things in life. They come there to relax with friends while soaking in the unique atmosphere and colorful vibes. Noeline's Salon fits perfectly into this setting with its eye-catching exterior and plush interior that draws in customers to indulge in hours of personal therapy.

 As the ‘One-stop specialty salon’, Noeline’s Salon offers a diverse range of beauty services that include Lash extensions, nail enhancements, manicure & pedicure, body waxing, face threading, and microblading, all under one roof. Having everything at one location gives customers absolute freedom as they can enjoy the convenience of getting every aspect of their beauty care needs attended to with just one visit at one location, without having to visit several different salons or come across a number of days.

The salon offers customers a cozy, homely environment that is also luxurious and sophisticated at the same time. Any styling or pampering need of the customer is efficiently attended to by a professional, well-trained team who are passionate about making each and every customer feel extra special. Customers can experience ultimate relaxation while reading a magazine or sipping a coffee while the team works together to ensure that all their requirements are met. Noeline’s Salon uses only internationally recognized brands for all its beauty care treatments. By bringing down the world’s top brands and together with the artistic genius of their professionally qualified, experienced, and friendly team, Noeline’s Salon has successfully created a one-of-a-kind luxury salon experience that caters to those seeking a destination for ultimate pampering.

Noeline’s Salon has built a reputation as being a specialty salon that is constantly looking to push the envelope by providing the latest innovations in beauty care services to its customers. Customers can always look forward to the latest in international beauty care treatments on a regular basis. The salon has successfully built a loyal clientele who enjoy being pampered in its luxurious setting and trust its expert technicians to go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. This winning formula has ensured that Noeline's Salon is a cut above the rest in the beauty care industry in Sri Lanka.


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